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Spark launched its first Los Angeles program in March 2010 in response to a shocking statistic for urban LA schools: the dropout rate exceeds 50%. We started with more than 40 students, and we’re dreaming big: in 2013, Spark expects to work with 500 students in LA. Our students in LA are exploring exciting professions at Activision, 20th Century Fox, Latham & Watkins law firm, California Market Center, and many other workplaces in the community.

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315 West 9th Street, Suite 313
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Yoon S. Choi, PhD

Spark LA is a proud participant in the Annenberg Alchemy program.

Spark’s mission is to provide life-changing apprenticeships to youth in underserved communities across the United States. Spark, a national nonprofit with offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. offers a unique program that re-engages middle school students in their education through hands-on apprenticeships and leadership curriculum. Spark partners with schools and workplaces in six cities coast-to-coast to match low-income 7th and 8th graders with mentors working in career fields aligned with the students’ strengths and interests. Spark’s parallel in-school curriculum reinforces the link between classrooms and careers while helping students build skills key to success in the 21st century. After eight years and more than 2,350 apprenticeships, the results are clear: Spark students consistently gain confidence, key skills, and positive relationships, and have a graduation rate far above the national average. Spark’s unique approach and positive outcomes have earned national attention.

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