Partnering with Spark

Spark partners range from small start-ups to tech giants to large-scale universities. Spark partnerships help reach a greater number of students while helping companies and organizations develop deeper relationships in the community and attract and retain talented and engaged professionals. In fact, 98% of Spark mentors are proud that their company works with Spark!

Partnership Opportunities

  • Support Spark financially through annual giving, corporate matching, volunteer hour matching, event sponsorship or in-kind contributions.
  • Participate in Spark events and programs.

Spark Provides...

  • Customized training and guidance to each mentor through extensive orientations, weekly check-ins, and activity plans
  • Thoughtful mentor-student matches to ensure interest and personality alignment.
  • Logistical coordination.
  • A meaningful and convenient way to give back to the community from the workplace.

Your Return on Investment

  • Hire and retain talent, as employees who participate in and admire their company’s philanthropic efforts are happier and more likely to stay.
  • Cultivate a culture of volunteerism and collaboration as mentors introduce students to coworkers and work together on opportunities for students to learn.
  • Build a savvier, more educated workforce beginning in middle school by encouraging business skills and promoting long-term economic stability.
  • Increase brand reputation, since consumers are more likely to be loyal to companies that have a genuine commitment to their communities.
  • Highlight diversity and inclusion in a visible way as students meet with mentors in the workplace.


Begin a Partnership Today

Set up an information session today, and learn more about how your organization can change the lives of our students—and the lives of your colleagues and employees.

Bay Area: Yoon S. Choi, PhD, Vice President, California Regions, Chief Strategy Officer 415-626-5470 

Chicago: Kathleen S. Caliento, PhD, Spark Chicago Executive Director, Chief Program Officer, 312-470-4300 

Los Angeles: Janine Berridge, Managing Director of External Relations and Events, 213-344-4848 x102

Philadelphia: Deirdre HakeDirector of External Relations267-519-4591

Spark mentors say...

“Spend(ing) each week getting to know someone of a different age and entirely different background than mine, but finding so much in common, was incredible.”

“Not only did I realize how much I truly care about my personal career goals, but I also saw the power of sustainable relationships in action.”


I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I've learned about my own company and about co-workers I hadn't met until this program. Part of my job is to understand the jobs and concerns of all the people in the company, and having the Spark sessions each week helped me do this better.













































Spark inspires 7th, 8th and 9th grade students to succeed in high school and beyond by connecting them with mentors in leading workplaces and supporting their academic journey with skill-building and resources. By engaging working professionals and connecting businesses with local communities, Spark empowers the next generation to perform better in school, graduate on time and lead fulfilling careers and lives.

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